Baby Flower Baby Vest Making

Baby Flower Baby Vest Making
Baby Flower Baby Vest Making

Hello …

I got here with a baby vest recipe that is knitted with a self-propelled rope and knit with a undeniable but totally different symbol.

For this knitting type, the scale are appropriate for 1.FIVE-2 years.

By Way Of expanding or decreasing proportionally, you’ll be able to adapt it to any age crew.


2 pieces Alize Baby Flower child rope4 mm-line skewer5 buttons


Since It is a self-propelled rope, we make our vest by way of knitting 1 row undeniable weave and 1 row opposite weave. All you want to pay attention is to set the debris on the rope in the directly direction!

ranging from the collar, knit in one piece.

1) It begins with EIGHTY TWO stitches. THREE tooth are knitted in a crochet.

6 loops front bands save you 10 loops 8 loops fingers each loop26 loops again 2 loops each. We construct the robots.

2) 6 loops for the front band harosha, 10 loops directly, 1 closet, 2 immediately, 1 closet, 8 straight, 1 closet, 2 straight, 1 closet, 26 immediately, 1 closet, 2 instantly, 1 closet, EIGHT immediately, 1 closet, 2 directly, 1 closet 6 loops are knit for 10 flat and entrance band.

3) 6 loops are knit in entrance and on the finish of the knit, different loops are knit in reverse.

As I stated at the beginning, we attempt to bring the particles at the yarn to the straight course of the knitting.

After that, our knitting is knitted with the same good judgment:

it is already at the opposite facet of the knitting If the loops are harosa, we knit the leftovers with harosa knitting. because it comes, we knit it as flat if it is immediately, and if it’s flat, we knit it as a knit. /

5) Without increasing the dimensions, 6 haros for front bands, the rest loops continue to be knit in a single piece as a flat knit. the front bands additionally open the button hole with ELEVEN-12 tooth of gap.

6) Whilst a total of 60 enamel are broken within the entrance bands from the start, the entire weave is knitted and minimize with an extra FIVE teeth.

Buttons are sewn.

Excellent well being on your palms, your mane is about.

Wishing you good day use …

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