Baby Girl Vest-Dress Set Making

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Our recipe is a very great go well with for our 6-12 month antique child women … I HOPE you favor it.


1 ball Alize Happy Child Honey colour thread (310 ) 1 ball Alize Satisfied Baby Pink colour thread (FIFTY SIX) 2 ball Alize Glad Baby Pearl colour thread (450) THREE.FIVE mm skewer




1) Pearl color with string NINETY SIX We Start our knitting by way of throwing a loop. We knit THREE rows of simple weave.

2) After knitting THREE rows immediately, we observe the development we will be able to give to the skirt of the vest through making use of 1 lower 1 dola 1 reduce.

3) Whilst knitting our vest, we make a decline in each and every 10 rows on all sides so that our vest looks as if a flywheel.

4) We proceed knitting instantly as a lot as we can. As for the arm separation, we cut it with the 3-2-1 reducing method.

5) After completing the arm duration, we knit 3 rows of shoulder ridges for the collar and end the back.


1) We Will Be Able To knit the front with 50 stitches each.

Then we will be able to process it.


1) We Begin 40 stitches with pearl colour.

2) After knitting 3 rows on the arm, make 1 drop, 1 lower methodology in a row. We practice it with FIVE extra rows of pearl colour rope and proceed with honey color rope. THREE-2-1-1-1-1-1 …. with the technique till the EIGHT stitches remain.

We stitch the 2 palms we knit into our vest

Get Dressed

1 ) We Commence our knitting by way of throwing A HUNDRED AND TEN loops with pearl colour thread.

2) After knitting 3 rows of flat knitting, we apply 1 reduce and 1 cut methodology in one row.

3) After knitting FIVE more straight knit we switch to red yarn, we knit 10 straight knit.

4) after 10 lines We cut 3 loops from FIVE different places immediately.

5) We switch to honey-colored rope, we knit 15 rows of plain weave.

When it comes to the period you wish to have, we start slicing the fingers. We make arm loops with 7 loops 1 reverse, 1 flat. By taking the 7th sew in the top FIVE row with the eighth stitch, we’ve made the required aid to create the armhole.

9) After the arm length is formed, we middle it for the front collar and lower FIVE loops within the center We make neck cuts on each side as 4-THREE-2-1-1-1-1 and minimize via chopping the shoulder. We lower the back collar one at a time.

Bebe Yaka

1) We Commence with 100 loops of pearl color string.

2) We make 3 rows of flat weave, 1 row 1 minimize, 1 loop, FIVE rows of flat weave.

THREE) We switch to honey color rope, till we reach enough width We then knit it by way of placing it at the collar of the get dressed.

we will make the engravings last in purple.

Make it simple

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