Baby Sweater and Booties Making

Baby Sweater and Booties Making
Baby Sweater and Booties Making

It Is Time to prepare your young children for chilly weather!

With easy knitting styles, your young children are ready for iciness like never before!


THREE items Gazzal XL Child Wool Crimson (816XL ) colour ip3 mm FORTY cm line skewer THREE mm 5-pack sock skewers 4 buttons



* Appropriate for two years.

1) Start with SEVENTY EIGHT stitches.

2) FOUR rows of knitting.

The style is about up.

3) 5 immediately, 4 squares, FIVE directly, 1 building up, 1 immediately , 1 increase, 5 instantly , 18 harosha, FIVE straight, 1 increase, 1 immediately , 1 build up, 5 immediately, FOUR harosha, FIVE straight, 1 building up, 1 immediately, 1 increase, 5 directly Completed series in the type of 12 harosha, 5 instantly, 1 build up, 1 directly, 1 building up.

4) FIVE instantly, FOUR harosha, 5 directly, 1 increase, THREE immediately, 1 larger rma, FIVE immediately, 18 harosha, 5 instantly, 1 increment, 3 instantly, 1 increment, FIVE immediately, 4 harosha, 5 immediately, 1 increment, THREE immediately, 1 order is finished within the form of increment, FIVE instantly, 12 harosha, FIVE immediately, 1 building up, 3 instantly, 1 build up.

* THREE and the similar operations are endured by way of expanding the levels within the 4th row, black, 1, 3, FIVE, 7, NINE, ELEVEN.

BE AWARE: Type 5 parts (50 rows) Following the third and 4th items, knitting is sustained.


The trunk is kept in a skewer, the arms are knitted.

* it’s made with socks skewers.

1) 1 lower is made in 2 rows from the armpit.

2) < / strong> For the arm, 44 rows are knit with 64 loops.

THREE) Whilst FIFTY FOUR loops stay, it is reduce by slicing.

The arms are sewn and proceed to the frame.


* 40 cm trimmed skewers are used.

1) Knit 50 rows with ONE HUNDRED FORTY loops and entire the sweater.


1) 50 It begins with a loop.

2) 20 rows of knitting are knitted.

THREE) The stitches are divided into 20-10-20. 10 loops in the middle are decreased to 5.

4) 2 more rows are knitted and the loops are reduce and finished.

FIVE) Heel and sole section sewn.

6 ) For the buttons; With SIXTEEN loops, 8 rows of knitting are knitted and buttons are sewn.

Well Being for your hand.

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