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How about knitting two alternative products that you can wear both as a sweater and cardigan?

Let’s knit this knit sweater / cardigan that you simply can all the time wear with its black color!


6 Gazzal Boogie Black (2161) colour ip5 mm knitting needles5 buttons


Sizes are appropriate for dimension 34-36.


1) It starts with NINETY loops. during the 14 rows, 1 reverse and 1 flat rubber weave is knitted.

2) 104 rows of flat weave are made. Arm play is started to accept.

3) Within The a hundred and fifth row, FOUR loops are diminished from both sides.

4) 107 From the front, continue through knitting 2 loops from front faces and knitting 2 loops together. FOUR loops from the end are knitted together and 2 loops are knit flat.

5) The decrements are made till the front loops stay 54 loops.


1) The loops on the spit are divided into 2 for the neckline.

2) EIGHT-FOUR-2 from 27 stitches Decrement is made in 3 times (The arm minimize keeps while the collar is lower.) (the opposite aspect of the collar is knitted in the same method.)


1) Begin with 51 stitches. EIGHT loops of harosa knit, FORTY THREE loops of rubber knit are knitted alongside 14 rows.

2) EIGHT loops of harosa knit, 43 loops of flat knit.

3) At The 73rd row, one aid is made on front faces after the harosha. (it’ll be done 10 times.)

4) The 41 loops last within the needle continue till 107th row. Armpit relief is done as on the back. EIGHT loops of harosha on the spit and 4 loops of flat knitting are finished. in a single of the pieces, the loops will be left with out subtracting.

Buttonholes will open at 7,23,39,FIFTY FIVE,71 within the harosha phase.


1) begins with 40 loops. Rubber knit is knitted alongside 14 rows.

2) The selection of stitches is larger to 46 via creating a flat knit.

3) 21 . A Rise is constructed from the perimeters. 31,FORTY ONE,FIFTY ONE,SIXTY ONE,SEVENTY ONE,EIGHTY ONE. 1 collection of stitches are greater from the perimeters, and the selection of stitches is increased to 60.

4) 2 on the front aspect from the 85th. Make a loop knitting, knitting 2 stitches together and continue till the needle has 8 loops ultimate at the skewer and finish by cutting.

* All portions are sewn.

* For the collar; The harosa loops left in the again are removed from the bottle and knitted to all the neck length. The knitted crochet collar is sewn to cover the fingers and again.


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