Balloon Model Baby Vest Making

Hello my buddies who love knitting!

i can let you know tips on how to make a vest with a balloon type that i love very much. This style is also recognized by names like bonbon, lollipop.

you’ll be able to also simply practice it to both women and boys.

Let’s start knitting straight away!


1 Ă–renbayan Super Baby Blue (15-1758) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewer5 buttons


1) We throw 72 loops in our bottle.

2) We knit 6 enamel of harosa.

Let’s not put out of your mind to make a buttonhole in the 2d row. Then, let’s open a buttonhole in 12 rows. , 1 stitch building up, 10 stitch immediately, 1 stitch increase, 1 stitch straight, 1 stitch building up, 14 stitch directly, 1 sew building up, 1 sew instantly, 1 sew building up, 10 stitch immediately, 1 stitch building up, 1 stitch instantly, 1 we begin our robots with loop sewing, NINE stitches instantly, EIGHT stitches of harosha (it is going to continue ceaselessly along the knitting braid because it pats).

4) 1 to the left and proper of every flat loop we building up 1 time in immediately order.

5) Whilst the number of increments is 17, we knit FOUR tooth harosa. Then we cut the sleeves and combine the loops underneath the arm and knit the trunk in combination.

6) After the arm is reduce, we observe a 20 cm balloon type and knit and end 8 teeth harosa knitting.

Balloon Development

1) We make 6 rows of flat weave.

2) Then 1 loop down FOUR times we make a flat knitting so that the threads removed by way of sticking it in the loop stay on the spit. Then we knit THREE flat loops and do the removing once more. in this method, we repeat this process in 2 stitches 1 time.

THREE) Now We Have created 1 row of balloons. we’re making 6 rows of plain weave again to create a 2nd row balloon. Therefore, we create a go view.

on this manner, we knit as so much because the preferred paint. We stitch the most recent buttons and our balloon style child vest is done.

balloon-model-baby-vest-making balloon-fashion-baby-vest-making

Make it easy for everybody who dies!

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