Bamboo Bag Mesh Bag Making

Let’s start preparing for summer as we enter the spring, right?

you’ll easily knit your self with this very useful bag knitting type.


3 positive macrame threads (you can use customary macrame or cotton macrame if you happen to want) 3 mm crochet1 double bamboo or wood deal with



1) Let’s draw 15 chains Let’s go back and sink into the 2nd chain and make the needle steadily. Let’s end the entire row in the form of widespread needles. there will be a complete of 14 widespread needles.

2) Let’s go back by means of pulling 1 chain at the finish of the row. Let’s make 14 needles once more.

Let’s proceed with the needle so that our braid is 35 cm.

3) While the base is 35 cm, let’s pull 1 chain; Let’s go the entire space with the needle. we will be able to knit all FOUR sides with widespread needles. Let’s pull 1 chain in order that there are not any clumps within the corners. Let’s end the sequence with a loop scroll.


4) Let’s pull 1 chain, sink the back facet of the loops and knit the entire base with 1 needle.

Base is over.


We continue from the base.

1) Every loop for five rows Let’s make 1 needle.

2) Now let’s start construction the type. Let’s pull THREE chains. Let’s make a double railing proper next to it. Let’s pull 1 chain, skip 1 needle and make 2 double handrails subsequent. After that, we all the time continue with 2 double handrails, 1 area, 1 chain…

3) Let’s pass 1 row of common needles in the top row. One needle on the head of the handrails, needles into the gaps.

4) Let’s construct a type again in the period in-between. 2 double handrails, 1 area…

Let’s continue this fashion (1 row of widespread needles, 1 row of fashions) until we succeed in the required dimension (approximately 35 cm).


5) Let’s simply pass the needle the wrong way up for 5 rows.

6) Perpendicular to the final row Let’s stop by passing the edge line, that may be, 1 row of stitches to prevent.

As Soon As the bag is totally finished, let’s put on it with widespread needle way.


Just Right well being! Use it on just right days.

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