Başak Model Hair Band Making

Hello !

Today we will be able to talk about making a headband fashion headscarf.

you’ll select this model on your other tasks in addition.

Let’s start knitting straight away!


Kartopu No: 1 Purple (K1873) color hand knitting yarn5 mm crochet


1) pull 12 chains and every let’s make the needle into the slot incessantly.

2) Let’s pull 1 chain and turn it again, sink into the again of each slot and make the needle regularly.

3) Let’s make 1 row of handrails when there are 3 rows in general.

4) Let’s pull 1 chain and make needles into 2 slots. Let’s make double peanuts by means of sinking from the waist of the bottom handrail. Let’s skip 1. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and stick it to the waist of the bottom, and make a double peanut. in this method, let’s visit the top of the line.

5) Let’s work at the back of the needles frequently.

6) 2 extra regularly at the front Let’s make a needle. This time, let’s make double peanuts through passing the crochet hook from the peanut. Let’s skip 1 and make 2 needles. Let’s make peanuts by way of sinking from the waist of the peanut. Let’s proceed until the top of the line.

7) Let’s knit within the preferred measurement in this manner.

I made 30 peanuts in general.

spike-pattern-sheet-band-construction-1 spike-development-sheet-band-building-1

EIGHT ) Then let’s prick the back loops for three rows and make the needle as steadily as on the beginning.

spike-patterned-sheet-tape-making-2 spike-patterned-sheet-band-development-2

9) Let’s stitch the ends in combination and wrap them 5-6 occasions via twisting.

Our Virgo model scarf is ready!

basak -model-sheet-tape-making spike-trend-sheet-tape-making

Get it easy now.

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