Basket Weave Bag Making

The basket style will get its name from the wicker basket weaves as predictably. since the loops are created from the back and front sides of the blanks, they’ve an embossed and symmetrical look.

you can use the basket pattern in knits reminiscent of luggage, skirts, pillows, blankets. YarnArt Denims Plus rope;
FOUR pieces of Blue (15) color ip3 mm crochet



* To Observe the recipe of basket type with video narration Click.

1) Get Started by pulling 53 chains.

2) 50 double handrails are knitted inside the row. .

3) 1 double handrail is knitted from front and 4 different handrails are taken from the back facet. on this manner, 12 squares are shaped. One double handrail is made to the closing edge.

4) Within The 3rd row, front ones are knitted from the front and the again from the again.

5) < vice versa. (this is how an utility continues in each rows.)

* In general, the bottom duration is FIVE squares, the width is 6 squares and it becomes rectangular.

Basket Weave Bag Making

Basket Weave Bag Making

Basket Weave Bag Making

Basket Weave Bag MakingBasket Weave Bag Making


* 2 knit items of the facet.

1) 50 loops are raised while the sole is raised to keep it flat. (As performed in baskets.) 2) Sides are made in the same process as the base.

* Total width and duration are 12 squares every.


1) 19 loops are far from the two unwoven sides of the base and the needle period (FORTY ONE rows) are made steadily and blended with the bag.

2) 1 row around the bag widespread needles are made.

Basket Weave Bag Making


1) 60 chains are pulled and the hanger is made with 5 rows of needles on the chains. it’s mixed with the bag.

don’t forget to proportion your knitted fashions with the hashtags of #with out proportion and #without time !

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