Beehive Beanie Making

Hi !!

Nowadays, we will make a beehive with you.

if you have not knitted your beret yet, choose your color and let’s start knitting this beret in no time!


Kartopu Baby One Blue (K502) hand knitting yarn3,FIVE mm skewer


1) Let’s knit EIGHTY loops and knit 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit for 12 rows.

Let’s visit the style.

2) Let’s knit 1 loop for the type. Let’s take the other loop clean at the same time as our thread is beforehand. Let’s knit the next loop upside down. Let’s continue this manner till the end of the sequence.



3) Let’s all the time knit the again rows the wrong way up.

FOUR) When We come to the front row, let’s knit the loop we took empty in the previous row, this time we take the loop we knit empty . So their area has modified.

5) Let’s follow the type as much as 14 cm.


6) Let’s proceed through knitting 5 loops in the again rows and cutting 1 loop.

7) Let’s practice the development in front row.

8) Let’s proceed through knitting FOUR loops within the again row and slicing 1 loop.

NINE) Let’s follow the pattern in front row.

10) Let’s proceed by means of knitting the last 2 loops and reducing 1 loop.

ELEVEN) Let’s practice the style at the front.

12) Let’s lower all of the stitches in pairs.

Let’s sew the berets from the perimeters.

Beehive beret is about!

ari-kovani-beret-made bee-hive-beanie-making

Use on gorgeous days!

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