Big Leaf Bookends Making

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Are you prepared for our large leaf bookends a good way to make studying more stress-free?

Let’s start knitting this beautiful pattern in no time!


Gazzal Baby Cotton Pistachio Green (3427) color hand knitting thread2.FIVE mm crochet


Hdc: Unmarried handrail

Dc: Double handrail

Tr: Triple handrail

Zn: Chain

Let’s make the magic ring

1) . Let’s pull FIVE chains and make 6 triple handrails. Let’s pull 3 chains and make 6 triple handrails. Let’s cling the hoop with FIVE chains and slide.

2) Let’s make FIVE needles where we pull 5 chains. Let’s make hdc to the highest of the first handrail and dc to the other 5 slots. Let’s make dc, dc, tr, 2zn, tr, dc, dc into THREE chains. Let’s make dc in FIVE slots. Let’s do the following hdc and make FIVE common needles into the FIVE chain house. Let’s keep on with the start with the scrolling means.

3) Let’s make a common needle on most sensible of every needle. Let’s pull 3 chains at the highest of the handrails and make needles. coming into the distance of 2 chains, let’s pull 3zn, tr, 6zn and cling directly to the first and make scraps, let’s shoot tr, 3zn. When it comes to the top, let’s hold the distance by means of sliding.

4) Let’s pull 30 chains, pin every slot from the back and minimize and hide the rope.

Massive leaf bookends are in a position. .

big-leaf-book-brace-making big-leaf-book-brace-making < Health on your hands!
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