Binary Baby Team Making

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We introduced you an overly sweet knitting pattern!

you’ll be able to easily knit this candy duo go well with that you simply can use in way of life or in photograph capturing.

Let’s get started !


2 pieces of Etrofil Child Cashmere Red Marbled (EL003) hand knitting yarn4 mm skewer4 mm 60 cm trimmed needle



Start with 4 mm flat skewers.

1. Bottle 60 loops are thrown.

2. THREE teeth (6 row) knit in knit. flat, 1
closet, 18 flat, 1 flat, 1 flat, 1 flat, 10 flat, 1 flat, 1 flat, 1 flat, 4 flat, 5 harosha.

4. within the eighth row, 5 loops are knitted, the loops in between are knitted in opposite, the ultimate 5 loops are knitted in
knitting. the entire loops are knitted from the again of the knit as they are. > closet, 12 immediately, 1 closet, 1 directly, 1 closet, 20 straight, 1 closet, 1 immediately, 1 closet, 12 straight, 1 closet, 1 straight, 1 closet, 6 straight, FIVE harosha…

In this way, an increase is made on the front faces and continues until 29 rows. continue to increase. strong> 8. Arm loops are separated in the 37th row through making arm will increase at 32, 34, 36.Body knitting keeps.

10. 111 loops knit 3 thread harosa.

11. forty fourth instantly knit proceeds. within the transition to flat knitting, the collection of stitches is greater to 121 in the form of 10 knit, 1 increase.

12. The number of stitches is greater to 132 by making the same increase in 48th order. >

13. Knit directly up to the seventy fifth row.

14. choice of stitches in the form of FIVE knits, 1 increase in row 75 ‘

15. Knit a flat knit until the 94th place. 3 loops are knitted and all loops are reduce.

5 loops on the left are sewn at the left, sewn underneath the harosha at the proper aspect



1. 37 loops are taken, armpit 4 loops are removed from the I section and a complete of FORTY ONE loops are knitted with 3 threads of harosa, all loops are reduce and the arm is sewn. > 1. FIFTY EIGHT loops get started.

2. Knit a flat knit for 6 rows.

3. Knit 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit along 6 rows 13.

The cuts proceed until 14 loops stay on the spit. at the front faces, a loop build up is made on both sides.

7. Increases are persevered till 38 loops according to needle.

8. within the 113th row, 10 loops are greater on the sides and the choice of stitches is larger to FIFTY EIGHT.

9. Continue directly knitting for 32 rows.

 10. 146 reverse, 1 flat and 1 flat rubber braid. Knit a flat knit for 6 rows.

11. Knit a flat knit for 6 rows.

12. All loops at 159th row

Two aspects are sewn, the flat knit we made on the waist is folded in and sewn. The tire is inserted and the seam is closed without final it utterly.

Needle is carried out to the leg parts upside down

Well Being to your hand!


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