Bonibon Model Child Vest Making

How about trying different models for child knits?

The bonibon model, for you to be suitable for the knits you’re making for your kids, might be used as a vest, shirt, cardigan, blanket, and the like. it is vital that the yarn contents used are herbal since the clothing and accessories you’re wearing have long contact with your young children.


1 Snowball Woolly Baby Baby Wool Yellow (K322) colour ip.3.5 mm crochet


* Suitable for 12-18 months old small children.


* Get Started on the backside of the vest.

1) Start at 147 chains .

2) 1 frequent needle, (from the back of the chain) 7 double handrails , Skip 2 chains , (from the again of the chain) 7 double handrails < / strong> is done. (on this method, the row is made to the tip and the primary row is done.)

THREE) 3 chains , (same position) 3 double handrails , 1 frequent needle to the middle of the 7 handrails of the 7 handrails . 7 double handrails are produced from the back of the widespread needle in between. 1 common needle in the center of seven handrails once more . 6 rows in general are raised this fashion.


1) 6. get started from bonibon. FORTY FOUR double handrails are made within the vary of 7 bonibons. (22 handrails are shaped within the ninth row.)


1) 24 double handrails start with . NINE rows in general Continue by way of 1 reduction. (12 handrails are shaped in the ninth row.)


1) FORTY handrails start with . EIGHT rows in overall 2 decrements are done from the start and the tip. (20 handrails are formed within the eighth row.)

* 2 pieces are made and blended with the front and again portions.

< strong> Use the lovable vest style on beautiful days.

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