Bow Tie Vest Making

Hi There! h2> Kartopu Baby One hand knitting threads;
Crimson (K254) color thread
Snow White (K010) colour thread
You’ll Be Able To also combine blue-white colour. FOUR mm skewers5 buttons

it’s suitable for 8 years of age.


Let’s knit with red thread.

1) Let’s get started with ONE HUNDRED loops.

2) Let’s knit 1 loop inverted, 1 loop flat knit in THIRTEEN rows.

3) < / strong> Let’s knit a flat knit proper below the arm after the tire. Let’s tie the snow white color string 4 rows ahead of making the arm reduce. Let’s set 8 loops proper from the middle and begin knitting with a snow white thread, let’s make 5 loops with a snow white thread from the perimeters. in this way, let’s knit till the pink thread decreases on the front face, that may be, till 12 loops remain red.

4) 9 loops within the type of FIVE-1-1-1-1 respectively for the arms Let’s minimize it.

FIVE) When it is about 17-18 cm, let’s minimize 26 loops for the shoulder, 30 loops for the nape and knit the shoulders after FOUR-5 rows.


Let’s knit with a red thread.

1) Let’s knit 55 loops in our scheme and knit 1 loop of reverse, 1 loop flat knit in THIRTEEN rows. .

2) Let’s positioned 1 loop inverted, 1 loop instantly and knit other loops flat for 7 loops of front pat.

THREE) Let’s tie our snow white colour rope 5 times prior to coming beneath the arm, as we did within the back section. Let’s slide the crimson loops into the snow white loop one through one from front face of our knit and continue this procedure till 12 loops remain crimson.

4) 5-1-1-1-1 for the sleeve Let’s cut a total of NINE loops and maybe knit 7 loops to make a spherical collar lower after knitting an opening.

FIVE) Let’s cut a loop on each front and back aspects of knitting. After doing this three times, let’s continue to cut only 1 stitch at the front side till there are 26 loops last.

6) Whilst the arm period reaches the specified duration, let’s complete the front section by means of chopping 26 loops.

within the similar approach, let’s no longer put out of your mind to knit the opposite front section and make buttonholes at positive intervals.


1) Let’s just sew it from the shoulders for the primary stage.

2) After stitching from the shoulders, let’s make 1 loop inverted, 1 loop flat rubber knitting by means of getting rid of a loop from the arms. Let’s knit 7 rows in total. within the comparable way, let’s knit and complete the collar phase.


Let’s knit with a snow white colour string.

1) Let’s throw 22 loops within the bottle. and let’s knit 31 rows immediately.

2) Let’s stitch it from the sides and back.

3) We puck it in the center with a pink thread and Let’s sew.

Our vest is set.

bow tie-vest-made bow tie-vest-making
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