Boy’s Cepken Vest Making


2 different colours Snowball Punto3 mm skewers7 buttons



For the front of the jacket, we begin with THREE loops. After knitting by means of expanding the sequence, we forestall increasing the choice of loops 40 items. We stay 27 enamel within the armpit until the armpit. While it comes to the seat, we cut 5 loops and knit 20 extra rows compared to the front part knitted from the right or left aspect of the braid.
(We proceed this fashion for the other front part.) We proceed by way of slicing 17 loops from the collar. 18 loops remain on the shoulder and we reduce and knit a piece of the front phase.


We Begin with 64 loops.27 rows we knit flat harassment with out incrementing. We weave 20 rows again and end the again piece.

Pocket Mouth (2 items)

We Start 20 loops for the pocket mouth, we knit 7 rows of bugs.

Again Belt

We Begin 30 loops for the again belt, we knit 7 rows of bugs


we begin with 12 loops, we knit from the best and left and knit it till THREE loops remain.

While 3 stitches remain, plus again from the left and right We make 12 stitches via making rma and reduce the stitches.

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