Boy’s Horse Vest Making

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Sizes are suitable for NINE-three hundred and sixty five days.

you’ll build up proportionally and make it in keeping with the age workforce you want.


1 ball Blue ip1 yumak Navy blue Needle skewers appropriate on your rope the front and again are knitted one by one. After sewing, the collar is made through getting rid of the loop. I knit the harosha flat. you can knit the entire weave as a opposite weave.


1) It begins with 30 stitches. the first row is knit flat.

2) Loops are divided into THREE. 10 loops in the center and 10 loops on the edges. First, two loops from the edges are incorporated in the heart via knitting in the middle. Therefore, roundness is given at the skirts.

THREE) < / strong> While FOUR loops are left at the sides, it’s began to be integrated one by one within the center.

FOUR) It Is knitted for 22-23 tooth by means of creating a button hole at the proper dimension with 6 spacing.

5) 4 loops and a pair of loops are lower for the arm first. We reduce the FOUR loops through rotating them.

2 loops are lower by knitting with out turning. After cutting, one selanic braid is made. (We listen to the instructions for the correct and left fronts.)

Decrements are performed prior to the opposite direction is selected. 2 opposite loops and a pair of immediately loops are knitted flatly until 2 loops stay on the front face, 1 reverse, then 3 loops on the finish. the opposite row might be the Thessaloniki knitting that we knit in reverse. (The Thessaloniki knit is knitted not from the knitting within the knit however from the loop beneath it. The knot in the knit is wasted.)

6) When 14 teeth are damaged from where we began slicing the arm, the collar is lower so that 12 loops stay on the shoulder.

7) We knit and minimize the remaining 12 loops with 6-7 enamel.


1) 50 loops start. the primary row is knitted as harasha.

2) We divide the stitches into THREE with 18 stitches at the sides and 14 stitches in the middle.

3) We Commence knitting in the middle as in the entrance bodies.

The loops in the middle are lower.

6) 12 extra loops at the edges are knitted and reduce THREE more teeth.

front and back body sizes must be the similar.

Knitting the vest with a army blue thread and knitting 12-THIRTEEN tooth and lower. As shown within the image, blue from the collar part is sewn together for FOUR-FIVE stitches.

you’ll be able to sew the buttons and enhance them with a bow if you desire.

you’ll be able to do no matter what colour and dimension you want. I want everybody to do it 🙂 🙂

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