Brass Baby Vest Making

Hello !

We ready a toddler vest with rice for you.

you can knit this pretty vest with our recipe in a brief time.

Let’s get started knitting in an instant!


Örenbayan Madame Cotton White (000) color hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewer 6 buttons


Single Brass Weave Pattern

1) 1. Let’s knit within the order of knitting 1 flat, 1 reverse, 1 flat, 1 opposite rubber knit.

2) 2. let’s knit straight on top of the strains and knit instantly on most sensible of the reverse.

3) Subsequent, let’s knit directly on most sensible of the directly, knit flat on the reverse. >

Let’s make the marrow durations as soon as in NINE enamel harasha.

1) Let’s start to sew 87 loops.

2) Let’s knit 2 enamel harosa knitting.

3) Let’s end the road by knitting with the rope in the form of 1 reduce-1 dola, 1 lower-1 dola.

4) Let’s knit the back row in opposite.

5) Let’s knit 1 enamel harosa.

Let’s go to the differences.

6) Let’s prevent 18 loops, 13 loops for arm, 21 loops for back. Let’s make the increments from the correct and left of the two loops in the separations. Let’s knit EIGHT knitting harosa pat in front.

7) Let’s knit flat knitting for 9 increments.

8) 2 knitting harosa knitting Let’s weave. Let’s minimize the loops on the arm whilst 3 enamel are damaged.

10) Let’s observe the one brass knitting trend for 18 cm.

11) 6 let’s make the teeth haroşa.

That Is it!



Health for your arms!

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