Brass Braided Cardigan Making

Hello ,,

Do you want to knit cardigans for you to warm you and your family members in winter?

you’ll mix this cardigan model with brass knit pattern with all of your clothes.

Let’s get started!


8 pieces Snowball Elite Wool Grande Claret Red (1111) color ip7 mm ONE HUNDRED cm line skewer 7 mm 40 cm line skewers 7 mm FIVE socks skewers


Sizes are suitable for size 36-38.


100 cm trimmed skewer is used.

1 ) Get Started with 120 loops.

2) 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit is made for 20 rows.

3) 34 rows of rice weave fashions are made.

Click to observe the rice weave style with video narration.

4) The loops are separated for 30-30 loops and 60 loops for the back.

5) The Interior of a collar in 7 rows in front is incised ok 34 rows of brass braid are made.

6) Back 34 rows of braid are braided.

7) 25 loops remain and shoulders are sewn.


40 cm cutting line is used.

1) Take 50 loops from the 34 knitted places and make 30 rows of rice.

5 bottles (sock spit) are handed.

2) 50 loops are reduced to 36 loops in 1 row. 1 reverse, 1 flat 21 row of tires are made and completed.



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