Brass Model Baby Boy Vest Making

Hello buddies!

Again, I’m with an overly great vest.

you’ll be able to knit this beautiful vest together with your kid’s favourite colour and make it satisfied.

Let’s get started presently! < /


2 Snowballs Child One Blue (K576) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewers4 buttons


1) We throw A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY loops in our yarn.

2) We knit the middle loops as rubber knit, with EIGHT loops at the beginning and at the end of the loop.

3) We open our first buttonhole after FOUR rows of harassment.

FOUR) Rubber knitting keeps till 15 rows and we continue to knit the loops in the center without shedding the puts of harasha. We continue till the marches are 40.

5) We knit 2 rows of harosha, 2 rows of double rows of rice.

We switch to arm separation.

6) We knit EIGHT rows of harosha, 26 loops of rice, 22 loops of harosha, FIFTY SIX loops of rice, 22 loops of harosha, 26 loops of rice and eight loops of harosha.

< within the next row, we start separating in 3 parts.

7) EIGHT loops for slicing, 6 loops for the edge, 26 loops for rice, EIGHT loops for the brink, we do. For the back, we divide EIGHT loops to harosha, FIFTY SIX loops to rice, EIGHT loops to harosa, cut 22 harosha, and after 8 rows, we reduce the other arm and combine it from the collar.

That was once it!

rice-model-boy-baby-vest-making rice-fashion-boy-baby-vest-making

Come on in combination weave!

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