Brass Model Girl’s Vest Making


1 Snowball Child Soft Hand Knitting rope 3 mm skewers4 buttons2 mt. ribbon


BRASS: The loops are knitted 1 reverse 1 flat. Opposite loops are knitted at the again of the knit, flat loops are knitted reversely, when we go to the front face, the reverse loops are immediately, and the flat loops are knitted opposite. it keeps in this approach.

HARAŞO: it’s knitted at the front and back sides of the knitting.

PAT: the section reserved for buttonhole and button


it’s made through starting EIGHTY ONE loops from the collar. it is passed to an Rise and is waited or knitted with 3 outer haos and the arm is minimize. Brass knitting is began, after knitting 50 rows, FOUR outer haras are made and the loops are minimize.

Before passing to the brass knitting, you’ll decorate it by passing ribbons in the frame. iriz within the similar approach. we will adorn by means of passing the ribbon among the left while making an arm build up.

Well Being for your hand.

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