British Baby Beanie Making

Hi friends.

I additionally desired to proportion with you the recipe of this beret model, which i love and knit a great deal.

I knitted for my baby for ZERO-THREE months.


1 Snowball Plants Pet (K218) color ip3.5 mm skewer


1) We Start with 107 loops. We knit harosa for 6 rows.

2) 7. WE’RE performing 1 knit, 1 knit minimize operation till the end of the row. we can have 70 loops at the top of the row. I preferred the haro┼ča knitting pattern. We proceed with harosa knitting till its length is 7 cm. We cut 24 loops on the right and left.

5) We knit only 22 loops within the center. I chose to knit flat knitting here, you’ll be able to make a choice the knitting pattern you need. We cut off a loop in every row from the beginning of each facet and knit the center through rotating till the entire loops are completed.

6) Our beret will already be formed. When all of the loops are finished, we minimize the row through slicing it. We modify this knit according to our beret and sew it to the back of the neck and our shoelaces are completed.

If we would like, we will make pompoms at both ends.

British Baby Beanie Making

British Baby Beanie Making

I wish you a pleasing knitting

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