British Style Baby Bonnet Making


Spring is sweet.

I got here to you with an overly nice spring baby bonnet recipe.

I photographed and defined all the tiers. A knitting trend that any one can do in 1-2 hours.

Let’s get started.


Snowball No: 1 hand knitting thread;
1 Grey (K1000) colour thread
1 piece of Green (K1480) color rope crochet


We Commence with our green color thread. we modify colours in every row and knit with one row of Inexperienced and one row of Gray threads.

1) We Start the magic ring via making 12 double handrails.

british-style-baby-bonnet-making-1 british-taste-baby-bonnet-making -1

2) We climb to the highest with 3 chains. Via making two handrails to each loop, we get 24 handrails.


3) We go up to the 3rd row with 3 chains and on the same time, we complete the row by way of making 1 double, 1 unmarried handrail.

We reserve 16 stitches for nape and complete the order by way of making one handrail for every closing stitch.
english-style-baby-bonnet-making- 7

8-15) 15th place with out expanding or decreasing from the eighth row. We knit each loop through making 1 handrail up to the line.


16) We knit crochet rubber for 2 rows. In different phrases, we make a handrail through wrapping the handrails from the front to the back of the waist.

17) We knit 2 rows of crocheted rubber on the neck.


In Any Case we make the twine and our child bonnet is about.


As you’ll be able to see, a knitting pattern that may be made temporarily.

Simple to return.

Good well being on your fingers.

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