Bubble Hair Band Making

Hi friends!

Bubble scarf model could be very enjoyable and fast progressing.

in the event you have the opportunity, you’ll entire and start using it in a single day!

Let this bubble finish too whilst you say this bubble is over, you’ve a glance at the banana!

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


Snowball Child One hand knitting threads3.FIVE mm crochet

the way to make

The length of the tape ahead of stitching is roughly 47 cm and the state after becoming a member of is around 23 cm. you can prolong the bubble row and regulate it in step with your desired dimensions.

1) We Start our bubble hair band via pulling 15 chains.

2) 3 chains We leap and make 1 pair of handrails to every loop from the 4th chain.

3) At The end, we go up with 3 chains and again once more.

a total of THIRTEEN handrails in each and every row

4) We continue via handrailing with a total of 4 rows, and now we start the row the place we will be able to bubble.

bubble-sheet-tape-making-1 bubble-sheet-tape-making-1


1) We pull out 1 chain and make needles in the comparable slot, and we make needles within the next one. For bubble making, we crochet our crochet thread and sink it into the following slot, we take the rope and pull it out of the nest and knit 2 loops once more, we knit the crochet thread again and knit the loops of all of them through doing the similar procedure a complete of five times. We make frequent needles into the three slots that observe. We repeat the bubble and repeat THREE common needles, and final 2 needles. There must always be 3 common needles between the bubbles.

2) We pass up with THREE chains and make 1 double handrail in each slot.

3) We move up with 1 chain and make one needle to the same slot and one needle to the following 3 slots. We bubble to the other slot, 3 widespread needles and bubble to the opposite slot. We make FOUR frequent needles closing.

4) We pass up with THREE chains and make 1 double handrail in every slot.

Until those FOUR steps come to the head circumference we wish. we confirm. I made 15 if we rely the bubbles on the aspect. We proceed with the final FOUR rows of handrails and join them with the opposite end.

bubble-sheet-band-construction-2 bubble-sheet-tape-construction-2

when you need, you’ll be able to also combine the tape with front faces of the tape overlapping one another. so as to hide the seam and get a special look, we fill a few rows of threads into the seam. In The End, we disguise the remaining threads.

Our bubble scarf is set!

Bubble Hair Band Making

Bubble Hair Band Making

Come simple to those who will!

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