Burglu Baby Boy Vest Making

Hello everyone!

We Have prepared an overly chic twisted baby vest for you.

this beautiful vest will suit your babies very well!

Let’s get started knitting in no time!


1 La Mia Baby Cotton Blue (L041) color hand knitting yarn3.5 mm skewers4 buttons Needle


Right Front

1) Bottle 45 stitches are thrown. FIVE tooth are knit with harosa. , 1 loop is opposite, 7 stitches are knitted. The loops on the again of the knit are knitted within the back, the flat ones on the entrance are inverted and the reverse ones are knitted flat. After the four rows are knitted on this manner, 6 loops in the fifth row are twisted, that may be, the first 3 and the closing THREE loops are moved and repeated every EIGHT rows. The phase which includes 7 stitches is knitted after 6 rows, that is, 2 rows of harosa within the 7th row. This rule maintains till the tip of knitting.

THREE) A loop is opened all over each and every 10 harosha. Whilst the length of the knitting is 43 harosha, EIGHT loops are cut from the proper area and the brink border such as 7 loops from the left area + 1 loop is began to be reduce from both sides of the opposite weave for every collar neck.

FOUR) 22 loops at the spit, that may be, it maintains to chop till a single auger is left within the heart.

FIVE) Knitting maintains till 22 harasha row from the arm lower and 23.

During the following front, EIGHT loops are cut. Only 7 loops remaining, forming the collar border, remain on the skewer. Those loops proceed to knit for one more 12 rows and all loops are closed. The buttonhole does not open. twisted-male-baby-vest-construction-1 twisted-male-baby-vest- made-1


1) Bottle 77 is stitched. FIVE enamel are knitted in a crochet.

2) In the following row, 15 loops are knitted, 1 loop is inverted, 6 stitches are directly, 1 loop is inverted, 7 stitches are instantly, 1 loop is inverted, 7 stitches are straight. , 1 loop is inverted, 7 stitches are immediately, 1 sew is inverted, 7 stitches are straight, 1 sew is inverted, 6 stitches are directly, 1 sew is inverted, 15 stitches are knitted.

THREE) Because It is on the obverse, the portions which include 6 loops in the 5th row are twisted. Each 8 rows of knitting continues until the top. The flat parts consisting of 7 loops are knitted with 6 enamel after knitting 6 rows and the knitting is sustained on this manner until the tip.

4) After the duration of the knitting is 43 harosa strains, right and left EIGHT loops are lower each and every.

FIVE) After chopping, the sample is sustained to be knitted by making use of the same way until the edge loom, that is, 7 loops of haros and 20 haros.

During the harosha, the harosha knit starts over the FOUR bins within the heart. After 2 teeth are knitted, 17 loops are reduce in the again row for the nape of the neck.

6) When 22 rows of harosa from the sleeve minimize, 7 loops are cut from the precise aspect first, and the collar is lower, go back. 7 more loops are cut, complex, turned. The ultimate 7 loops are lower and the shoulder is completed. The again part is done by means of applying the similar process to the left side.

twisted-boy-baby-vest-construction-2 twisted -male-child-vest-building-2

Front parts are positioned at the again and the sides and shoulders are sewn. When making front portions, the extra 12 knitted halves are stitched to the middle of the again nape and mixed within the center.

The vest is finished by means of sewing the final buttons.


twisted- boy-child-vest-making-on



Well Being for your palms!

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