Burgulu Boy’s Sweater Making

We Would love to share a knitting pattern that you just will knit conveniently and practically. 2 items of Snowball Plants Gray (K1001) color ipSmall quantity of various colors ip3.FIVE mm swell Button



1) Bottle throw 80 loops we knit the tire part within the favored length within the type of 2 directly, 2 opposite. (15 rows of rubber are knitted.)

2) After finishing the tire section, we knit 1 row of simple weave with intermediate colour.

3) Then we proceed to knit FOUR instantly and 1 opposite knit with gray thread once more. We knit approximately 40 cm and are available beneath the armpit.

4) We continue reducing the knit in 3 + 2 form and continue the similar models. We knit approximately 15-16 cm and cut it from the again of the nape. >

2) After knitting, we knit a plain knit with 1 row of alternative colours of yarn.

THREE) Go Back to the gray thread and make the first 6 stitches 2 immediately, 2 maintains around the knit in opposite. Then we knit 4 instantly and make 6 loops THREE-THREE (THREE loops to the proper, 3 loops to the left) auger. We continue to knit the remaining loops in the form of 4 immediately 1 opposite.

FOUR) Our knitting continues as within the 2nd row till it’s about 40 cm. A twirl is made in FOUR rows.

FIVE) While it’s FORTY cm, the hands are reduce as they’re at the back.

We do not overlook to open 5 buttonholes on the rubber band of one of the fronts.


1) We Begin 22 loops and knit 15 rows of two opposite, 2 flat tires.

2) < / strong> Then we knit immediately knitting with 1 row of different color thread.

3) We knit 8 loops instantly, knitting 6 loops 3-THREE, we knit once more 8 loops instantly.

FOUR) We knit steadily by way of expanding the stitch in keeping with the size of the arm. We repeat a twists in FOUR rows. Then we end via slicing the entire loops.

We sew front and back pieces in combination. Then we sew the sleeves.


1) We knit for 20 rows within the form of 2 opposite, 2 instantly via taking away the loop from the collar with a grey thread.

2) We visit our other color thread and knit 2 reverse, 2 flat knit alongside 2 rows and reduce the entire loops.

Well Being to your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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