Burgulu Boy’s Vest Construction

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I got here to you with a special vest description that suits boys really well. 2 Snowballs Baby One Blue (K571) colour hand knitting yarn3 mm skewers6 buttons

find out how to make

Sizes are appropriate for ages ZERO-1.


1. Let’s knit 48 stitches for the front body and knit 2 stitches in opposite, 2 stitches in flat, 16 rows of rubber knitting. Let’s knit the primary THREE loops flat and the ultimate 3 loops flat.

2. Let’s knit 31 loops flat knit for the installation of the model, and 2 loops opposite, 6 loops immediately, 2 loops opposite, Let’s knit 2 loops directly, 2 loops reverse and 3 loops immediately knit.

THREE. Let’s knit this manner along 16 rows. Let’s make the twists in EIGHT rows.

FOUR. After making 7 loops flat knitting for pocket paintings, 2 loops are inverted, 2 loops are instantly, 2 loops are inverted, 2 loops are immediately, 2 loops are inverted Let’s knit 2 loops immediately, 2 loops inverted, 6 loops immediately and different places in the same. In this fashion, when we knit EIGHT rows of rubber, we entire the pocket phase by making FOUR rows of opposite weave on 14 rows of rubber braid.

6. Let’s knit THREE loops straight, 2 loops reverse for the sleeve. Let’s proceed knitting the opposite loops the same. each time we come to front, let’s add one in all the 2 pairs of tires which can be 2 loops inverted and a couple of loops straight.

7. Then let’s cut 20 loops for the collar. There are 28 loops left in our bottle.


1. Let’s sew 80 loops for the again.

2. Let’s make 2 reverse, 2 flat rubber knits for SIXTEEN rows and flat knit for fifty rows.

THREE. Let’s do rubber work beneath the arm as in the front phase.

FOUR. Let’s knit all our braids in EIGHT rows earlier than coming to the nape.

Let’s end by way of sewing the edges and buttons.

when you want, you can engrave the identify with the chain execution technique.

twisted-male-child-vest-construction twisted-male-child-vest-development

Make it simple for everyone to be told.

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