Burgulu Long Socks Making

You’ll spend the iciness both heat and really stylish with easy knit booties fashions!

you will love this multicolored boot socks type!


Los Angeles Mia Wool Easy rope;
1 Navy Blue (L202) colour thread
1 Yellow (L204) colour thread
1 Gray (L206) colour ip5 mm sock needle Needle


Sizes are for quantity 37-38.

Start with a gloomy blue colored rope from the nostril of the sock.

1) 5 loops are thrown within the first bottle.

2) 5 extra loops are made out of the five stitches against the second job.

3) A row of flat knit is knitted. In the second one row, one loop is taken out of the 5 loops, and the third and fourth bottles are attached. A row of knits in the form of FIVE loops within the first skewer, 1 in the 2nd skewer, 5 in the third skewer and 1 in the fourth skewer is knitted.

4) The loop is larger to 3-5-7-9-ELEVEN-13 by means of expanding the proper and left. Total loops are knitted till there are 36 loops.


Grey colour thread is modified.

5) 21 stitches are knit flat, 2 stitches are inverted, 4 stitches are instantly, 3 stitches are inverted, 4 stitches are directly and a pair of loops are knit the other way up.

(4 loops, THREE opposite loops, FOUR immediately loops are made at the upper part of the sock.)

6) FOUR loops which can be flat are made 2-2 augers, loops which might be inverted are knitted within the form of directly, loops that are immediately are knit alongside 28 rows. A pegs are repeated in 3 rows.


7) On The twenty ninth row, 19 loops on the higher a part of the sock are stored, and the 17 loops on the bottom are modified to darkish blue. From the correct and left of the 17 loops, 10 rows are diminished to 7 knits in the type of 1 knit, 1 lower. It becomes 17 stitches once more.

facets of the dark blue phase are sewn and the heel is formed. It is changed to grey colour once more.

9) 17 loops are connected to a bottle, two loops are got rid of and the second bottle is inserted, 19 loops are held on the entrance of the sock, and the 3rd bottle is connected through removing loops. . A TOTAL of FORTY loops are formed.

10) Ranging From 19 loops in the entrance of the sock, 2 instantly, 2 reverse, 4 directly, THREE opposite, 4 directly, 2 opposite, 2 instantly, 1 inverse, 2 instantly, 2 inverted, FOUR instantly, THREE inverted, 4 immediately, THREE inverted, 2 directly, 1 inverted. FOUR directly loops are made in 2 rows with a 2-2 twirl. FIFTY ONE rows are knit as inverted, immediately and immediately as different loops come.

Yellow color is knitted.

11) 1 row of knit is knitted and then 23 row 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted.

All loops are cut and completed.

Well Being on your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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