Burgundy Floral Baby Vest Making

Hi everyone!

Now we have introduced you probably the most standard twisted floral vest type!

Making our twisted baby vest shall be very easy with this expression!

Let’s get started now!


2 L. A. Mia Baby Cotton Mint (L032) color hand knitting thread4 mm skewers3 buttons


1) 62 stitches start. 4 rows of knitting are knitted.

2) Straight knitting is completed up to 20 rows of knitting with 7 loops at the edges.

3) FIVE loops are made with THREE opposite stitches in THREE + 3 durations.

FOUR) We knit immediately again NINE rows of rows so that the sides are incorrect.

FIVE) 7 loops in the nape segment, 6 loops are instantly, 36 loops are harosa, 6 loops are immediately, 7 loops are harosa, 4 loops are knitted, 7 loops are harosha, 6 loops are immediately, 7 loops are harosha, 22 loops are cut, 7 loops We make harosha, 6 loops immediately and seven loops harosha and create the nape part.

6) We knit 9 rows in this means.

7) We increase 14 loops and we make 7 loops of harosha, 3 + 3 augers, 1 loops of opposite, 7 loops of harosha. FIVE

8) We knit 9 rows of harosha immediately knit.

9) 7 loops for harosha, 2 loops for straight, 20 loops for harosha, 2 loops for immediately, 7 loops for haro We knit 20 enamel harosha rows in shallow shape and we knit and lower 2 instantly rows and four harosha row.

10) We open the buttonhole button with 7 rows all through THREE harosha.

twisted-flower-baby-vest-making twisted-flower-child-vest-making


Love, greetings …

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