Car Adorned Baby / Kids Vest Making

Hi !!

I Have include a vest that we have been seeing in recent years!

i will give an explanation for the construction of a children’s vest, that’s the favorite of boys.

Let’s start now!


Snowball Child One hand knitting threads;
Snow White (K010) colour thread
Grey (K1432) colour thread3.FIVE mm spit4 buttons

make you can alter the stitches consistent with the age you need.


Let’s knit with a gray thread.

1) Let’s start via throwing ONE HUNDRED TEN stitches. < /

2) Let’s knit 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit for 10 rows.

3) Then about EIGHT cm best let’s knit a simple weave.

Knit with snow white and gray threads.

FOUR) knit 3 rows with THREE loops of gray color and three loops of white colour .

FIVE) After THREE rows, let’s knit 3 more rows with gray on white and white on gray.

Let’s knit with snow white color.

6) Let’s knit 8 cm of plain weave.

Let’s knit with snow white and grey threads.

we can make a strip at this time. < /

7) Let’s knit 2 rows with FIVE loops of grey colour and 5 loops of white color.

Let’s knit with snow white colour thread.

8) Let’s knit once more approximately EIGHT cm flat.

Snow white and gray threads Let’s knit with.

9) Subsequent, let’s knit THREE rows of grey colour, THREE loops of white colour as we did at the backside. .

10) Let’s continue knitting approximately 8 cm instantly.

At this time, we will lower the arm.

ELEVEN ) Earlier Than we minimize for the arm cut, let’s knit 12 loops 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knitting. Then let’s minimize 7 loops and continue knitting 5 loops as rubber for the edge.

12) Make a length of approximately 20 cm and make FORTY loops for nape, 30 loops for sleeve. < /

13) Before slicing the loops that now we have reserved for nape, let’s knit and minimize 7 rows with 1 inverted and 1 flat. then we knit and cut the shoulder loops as much as 4 rows.

we’ve got finished the again of our vest.


Let’s knit with gray thread.

< strong> 1) Let’s have 60 loops in our bottle.

2) Let’s do the similar means we do within the again for front.

FOUR-9 of the again piece .

3) Let’s make 12 loops 1 opposite, 1 flat tire and minimize 7 loops for arm cutting.

4) After making the arm minimize, let’s reduce a loop in front of the vest. this way we will be able to make a V-neck. Let’s continue until 30 loops stay.

Let’s now not fail to remember to open 4 buttonholes.



1) Let’s pull 18 chains and make 15 handrails at the chain. Let’s make 2 handrails at the remaining chain and move to the other facet of the chain. Let’s make 15 handrails over there.

2) After the handrails are wrapped on both sides of the chain, let’s go up with a common needle and make 6 widespread needles. Let’s draw 6 chains and make 2 handrails in flip after THREE stitches. Let’s pull 6 chains once more and close them with loop wrapping.

THREE) Let’s pull 1 chain and pull the needle over the chains and cut our thread.

Wheel and Site Visitors Mild

1) Let’s make 12 needles into the magic ring.

Let’s stitch the buttons, aspects and vehicles of our vests.

That’s it!

car-silence-baby-child-vest-construction automotive-silence-child-child-vest-development

Would Possibly or not it’s simple for everybody who dies.

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