Car Pullover Making

Hi everyone!

We Have designed an overly adorable sweater for you.

Your kid with this pretty automotive sweater will like it greatly!

Take your threads and let’s start knitting!


2 items of Himalayan Everyday Bebe Lux Grey (70416) color hand knitting thread4 mm trimmed spit2 huge spherical button3 button


Dimensions 1-2 Appropriate for age.

1) Bottle SEVENTY SIX is stitched. 6 rows of 2 + 2 tires are knitted.

2) In The 2nd row, the first buttonhole is opened within the arm space of front body. the second one buttonhole opens throughout the 5th increment, the third buttonhole opens in the course of the 7th increment after the second button.

buggy-sweater-making-1 buggy-sweater-making-1

3) 3 loops after collar collar flat, 1 loop increase, 10 loops directly for the sleeve, 1 loop build up, 2 loops instantly, 1 loop increase , 22 stitches directly for the back, 1 sew build up, 2 stitches straight, 1 stitch building up, 10 stitches straight for the sleeve, 1 sew increase, 2 stitches straight, 1 stitch build up, 22 stitches directly for the front, 1 sew increase, 3 stitches straight loops are made up our minds and the knitting is continued. The turns are reversed.

4) After 21 increments, loops in the our bodies are saved and fingers are knitted one by one. At The Same Time As knitting the fingers, 48 ​​stitches are reached via lowering from all sides of the knitting at sure intervals. Arm cuffs are knitted 2 + 2 rubber knitting. The loops are closed when the arm duration is 37 cm from the collar. the same procedure is carried out for the opposite arm.

5) The again measurement is knitted through some other 18 cm after the stitches are separated. 2 cm 2 + 2 rubber is knitted and the loops are closed.

6) For the automobile development on front body, the pattern is worked on. on the again side, the entire loops are knit again.

Car Development

28 straight, 8 reverse, 28 straight

27 instantly, ELEVEN reverse , 26 instantly

25 instantly, THREE inverted, FOUR instantly, 1 inverted, THREE straight, 3 inverted, 25 immediately

24 immediately, 3 inverted, FIVE directly, 1 inverted, FOUR straight, 3 inverted, 24 straight

23 directly, 3 inverted, 6 straight, 1 inverted, FIVE immediately, THREE inverted, 23 directly

23 directly, 19 inverted, 22 directly < /

21 straight, 23 inverted, 20 directly

20 immediately, 26 inverted, 18 directly

19 instantly, 30 inverted, 15 directly

18 straight, 31 reverse, 15 instantly

18 directly, 31 reverse, 15 straight

Car Pullover Making buggy-sweater-making-2

7) Loops are closed when they succeed in the same duration as the back body.

8) Large buttons are sewn on the automobile development as wheels. 3 buttons are sewn to the places akin to the buttonholes opened within the arm space.

That Is it!

Car Pullover Making


Well Being in your fingers!

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