Cardigan Pattern with Sunflower Pattern

Summer means sunflower!

We brought you a full summer season cardigan.

you’ll be able to easily make this cardigan with sunflower motif.

Let’s get started!


La Mia Silky hand knitting yarn;
2 Mustard Yellow (L003) colour threads
2 Green (L024) color threads
2 Cream (L007 ) color thread
1 Brown (L005) ip2.5 mm crochet


Get Started with brown thread.

1. 12 double handrails are made into the magic ring.

2. 2 double handrails are made to each loop. there’ll be a complete of 24 double handrails.

Continue with a yellow color thread.

3. 3 double handrails are made on every loop. a complete of 36 double handrails are shaped.

Proceed with green thread.

4. 3 double handrails in every loop, 2 chains within the related place 3 Another double handrail is made, in order that the corner is formed. Three double handrails are made to the next loops. Then the nook is made once more. Proceed this manner inside the queue. a total of FORTY EIGHT double handrails are shaped.

it’s persevered with cream-coloured thread. within the corners, 3 double handrails, 1 chain are drawn, 1 needle is made in the corner of the other motif, 1 chain is pulled, THREE double handrails are made, again, 1 needle is made by means of sinking into the chain house of the other motif, THREE double handrails are made. it is combined in this way.

a complete of A HUNDRED AND TEN of those motifs are made.

Palms: 24 + 24 motifs
Again: 30 motifs
Front: SIXTEEN+ 16 motifs


After joining the motifs, three double handrails are made round every chain house across the cardigan.


Health in your hand!

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