Cardigan with Heart Pattern

Hi ,

May you favor to knit the craze cardigan of the wintry weather season yourself?

you’ll be the most fashionable with this cardigan type with a popcorn middle development!

Let’s knit together !


7 Snowballs Melange Wool Cream (K025) colour hand knitting yarn5 mm 100 cm trimmed spit5 mm FORTY cm trimmed swell determiner


Sizes are suitable for measurement 36-38.


1. begin with 108 loops.

 2. Knit knit for 12 rows.

3. 6 loops for harosha, 14 immediately, 2 opposite, 15 instantly, 2 reverse, 30 immediately, 2 inverted, 15 straight, 2 inverted, 14 instantly, 6 harosha is finished. in the 36th row, arm separation begins.

Heart Model

A sample is established on NINE stitches. All puffs are made the wrong way up.

1. FIVE loops are subtracted from 1 loop. THREE rows are knit the other way up for 1 pompom. All of the 5 stitches in the 4th row are accrued and develop into 1 sew. THREE loops are knit flat. Again, 1 more pompom is made.

2. 2nd line knit is knitted.

3. 1 left of the top pompom 1 pompom is made from the loop again. 1 flat knit. it is completed in the third row by way of making 1 pompom, 1 flat, 1 pompom, 1 flat, 1 pompom again.

4. 4th braid is knitted.

< 5. 1 pompom is re-constructed from the loop at the left of the higher pomp. THREE flat knit. it’s finished in 4th position via making 1 pompom, 3 flat and 1 pompom again.

6. sixth flat knit is knitted.

7. 1 pompom is made again from the loop on the proper of the top pompom. FIVE flat knit. 1 pompom is finished in 7th position once more.

8. 8th straight knit is knitted.

ninth 1 pompom is made once more from the loop at the proper of 1. 3 flat knit. Once More, 1 pompom is done in ninth place.

10th tenth directly weave is knitted.

11th 1 pompom is made again from the loop on the proper of one. The eleventh row is completed and the heart trend is formed.

the guts development can be made to the specified portions of the knitting.


1 . The frame is finished by means of knitting 66 rows of flat and 10 rows of rubber. the heart type is placed at the required periods in the frame.


FORTY cm line skewer is used.

1. 72 rows of flat and 10 rows of rubber are knitted and the arm is completed. the guts fashion is positioned at the specified durations at the arms.

heart-motif-hirka-made middle-motif- Use the cardigan-making


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