Cat-Dog Sweater with Hat

Cat-Dog Sweater with Hat
Cat-Dog Sweater with Hat

Hi ,

Lets get ready our little friends for the winter?

There are times while each living creature needs help. .

This Will come up with and the lovable kids great.

Let’s start right away!


2 items of la Mia Just Wool Light Grey (LT002 ) color ip5 mm knitting needle



1) It begins with 70 loops.

2 ) FOUR rows of undeniable weave are knitted.

3) Front arm is divided into the back arm: 13-10-24-10-13.

< 4) When knitting from the front face, 10 loops build up ahead and backward. When the arm loops are 22, the arms are left with out knitting.

5) 22 rows are knit flat through expanding 5 stitches from the armpits.

6) < / strong> 14 stitches are cut from front, while the remaining stitches are knitted on front face and one of the stitches is reduced to 25 at the same time as the selection of stitches is finished.

7) The Front phase is sewn.



1) The left loops are taken from the bottle. The selection of stitches will increase to 26 via getting rid of FOUR loops from the armpits.

2) 18 rows are knitted and completed.


1) 35 rows of knit and stitched directly through removing 64 loops from the collar.

< strong> 2) A loop is far from the bottom and 8 rows of rubber knit are knitted.

hello use.

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