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Making Amigurumi Sponge Bob 0

Making Amigurumi Sponge Bob

Hi ,, We introduced you the making of an excessively cute cool animated film hero. Anybody who doesn’t realize or dislike Sponge Bob? How about knitting? Let’s get started if you are ready! Materials...

Balloon Bookends Making 0

Balloon Bookends Making

Hello , How about adorning your books with a lovely brace that you knit your self? Our balloon bookends recipe is for you! you’ll make bookmarks in color balloons. Let’s start should you are...

Giant Teddy Bear Making 0

Giant Teddy Bear Making

Materials 2 pieces La Mia Child Cotton White colour ip1 Piece Snowball Baby One Pink colour rope1 Piece Snowball Organica Brown yarn3 mm and 4 mm crochet 12 mm eye Knitting needle, scissors, fiber...

15 Amigurumi Teether-Rattle Knitting Patterns for Innocent Babies 0

Amigurumi Rattle Bee Making

Vızzz vızzz bee is coming! This knitting model is perfect for each entertaining and teaching your babies! Entertain your kids with this bee rattle knitting fashion you will knit easily! < h2> Fabrics Los...

Amigurumi Giraffe Making 0

Amigurumi Giraffe Making

Ingredients 2 items of ONE HUNDRED gr. Snowball Plant Life Yellow colour Thread (You’ll Be Able To select the colour of the thread in the color you wish to have. You Can also choose...

Girl Bolero Making 0

Girl Bolero Making

Fabrics 1 Snowball Child Comfortable Red (K774) ip3 mm spit3 pearl button10 pearl2 mt lace scallop find out how to make we begin with 82 loops from the collar. 7 rows of haraso pat,...