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Boy's Cepken Vest Making 0

Boy’s Cepken Vest Making

Meals 2 different colours Snowball Punto3 mm skewers7 buttons Coaching Entrance For the front of the jacket, we begin with THREE loops. After knitting by means of expanding the sequence, we forestall increasing the...

Little Bey Vest 0

Little Bey Vest

Materials 1 Snowball Baby Cushy ip3 mm shish4 buttons Making Entrance (2 pieces) Starting as 80 loops from the collar. 80 loops 2 reverse 1 flat 18 rows are knitted. 19. instantly loops are...

Girl's Cepken Vest Making 0

Girl’s Cepken Vest Making

Materials 1 Snowball Child Soft ip2.5 mm skewer 4 buttons Practise Fashion contains 2 portions. 1. The piece (waist part) is started with 154 loops. FOUR enamel are coated with haras. 2 rows of...

Making Soft Baby Cardigan 0

Making Soft Baby Cardigan

Hello , In Keeping With the exact young children, i have a comfortable and soft recipe. this is the cardigan I made for my daughter. Its measurement is appropriate for 1.5 -2 years! Making...

Making Openwork Baby Vest 0

Making Openwork Baby Vest

(For 3-NINE months babies.) Foods 1 ball Snowball Convenience ip3.FIVE mm skewer5 buttons Preparation Openwork Model: Our sample includes 4 rows. Knit till the end of the row in the form of 1 cut,...

Openwork Striped Baby Cardigan 0

Openwork Striped Baby Cardigan

Hello ,, We Now Have introduced you an overly easy, very stylish child cardigan with openwork stripes. > Materials Etrofil Child Lux hand knitting threads; 1 Blue (70564) colour thread 1 White (70121) color...