Classic Boy’s Sweater Making

I WILL BE ABLE TO let you know an easy-to-knit sweater recipe the place you’ll evaluate the rest threads. h2> Fabrics Hand-knit, part coloured knitting threads (you’ll knit a couple of colour threads or combined together with your preferred colors)

Period: 41 cm

Sleeve length: 14 cm (related as collar size)



1) We Start our sweater by means of throwing 92 loops with our first color.

2) We Commence our knitting procedure by means of growing our tire in 2 reverse and 2 flat. We knit about 13-14 rows of tires.

THREE) A COMPLETE of EIGHT pieces (10 loops), with 10 loops flat, 2 loops reverse, 10 loops instantly, within the first row we prepare a flat loop. we have 2 reverse loops that distinguish between them and permit the trend to be formed. FIVE) We knit with the colour we would like for 10 rows.

6) Then we alter the colour and knit FOUR rows in the related way.

We continue to knit our sweater the use of our 10 rows of colours and four rows of other colors.

8) After We come to the collar separation phase, we divide our braid in half (46-46 loops) First, then one aspect, then we are knitting the other aspect. We proceed to decrease until 30 stitches stay.

10) We continue to knit the remainder part with none operation. After knitting 4 rows with our last color thread, we reduce the loops and finish the proper aspect. the one distinction is that we minimize 1 loop at the starting point at the instantly aspect. We continue to decrease until 30.

We knit the front a part of our sweater.


1) We knit the again a part of our sweater by means of making use of the similar procedure as we knit the front section.

We go away area for about 14 cm of armhole. Our palms start from the collar starting point. We take the loop from the collar with a crochet hook and start knitting our collar in the form of 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber knitting. We entire the collar process by way of knitting and cutting approximately 10 rows.

We apply the same process on the arm. With the assistance of crochet we pull out a loop. Once More we commence knitting 1 inverted, 1 flat rubber, after knitting 10 rows, we cut the loops.

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