Clock Holder / Base Construction

YOU’LL BE ABLE TO also use this knitting pattern, which we can describe as a care for, as a coaster. I did it for ornamental functions. it could become anything else along with your imagination.


1 Gazzal Baby Cotton White (3432) color thread1 Yarnart Denims gray thread, 2.FIVE mm crochetBlack embroidery thread, needle


hdc: Single handrail development

dc: twin handrail

v: Increase


1. We make 18dc into the magic ring.

2. (2dc, 1v) * 8 (26)

3. 26v (FIFTY TWO)

4. (7hdc, 1v) * 8 (60)

5. (8hdc, 1v) * 8 (68)

6. (8hdc, 1v) * 8 (SEVENTY SIX)

7. (8hdc, 1v) * 8 (EIGHTY FOUR)

8. Frequent we make a needle. Even As making the ultimate loop, we pull 12 chains and sink. We also flip the needle on this chain frequently. Thus, we have now made a spot to hold.

we’re processing the numbers, scorpions and minute hand with black rope.

we’re ready to grasp

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