Cloud Blanket Making

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Today we are knitting a cute or lovable blanket so they can warm our babies.

an excellent recipe for individuals who love to knit winter knitting in summer season!

Come on if our meals are able too Let’s get started!


4 pieces of Snowballs Cream (YMD0018) colour velvet child wool FIVE mm-line skewers


1) 84 We Start with the bowknot.

2) We knit harosa for 6 rows.

THREE) 6 on both sides in 7th position We make the center as EIGHT loops reverse, EIGHT loops instantly, EIGHT loops opposite, EIGHT loops directly knitting, leaving haroşa loop.

4) After knitting 8 rows, we knit directly, reverse knit simple. and we repeat this process each and every 8 rows.

5) After We get to the 80th position, we knit and end all the loops alongside the 6 rows of crochets.

you can shape or enhance it as a perimeter.

Our blanket is set to make use of!

cloud-blanket-construction-1 cloud-blanket- make-1

Pleasant Knitting

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