Cloud Brooch Making

Shall We welcome the spring with colorful clouds?

you’re very fashionable with this candy little cloud brooch!

Whether Or Not for your self or your loved ones…

Knit so much of presents!


La Mia Pastel Cotton Blue (L054) colour rope2.FIVE mm 2 black beads for eyesGhost string for fixing the eyes (Fishing line) Needle Fiber


 x: Widespread needle

v: Building Up

a: Decrease


1) We Begin by way of pulling THREE chains. We return to 2x

We pull 1 chain in all row ends and visit the top row.

2) 1x, 1v (3)

3) 1x, 1v, 1x (FOUR)

4) 1v, 2x, 1v (6)

5) We knit needles along the row, pulling 3 chains and coming back. (8)

6-8) 8x

9) 1a, 6x (7)

10) 5x, 1a (6)

11) 1a, 4x (5)

12) 3x, 1a (FOUR)

13) 1a, 2x (3)

We knit yet one more piece from this piece. Permit’s now not fail to remember to leave the rope long at the finish of a piece. let us stitch the cloud with the rope we left lengthy and mix it with the scroll technique. Allow’s fill a few fiber before remaining it completely. if you desire, you’ll use it with out filling.

Allow’s restoration the eyes with a ghost string by centering the eye decision. if you want, adorn the blush somewhat bit


Your cloud is about, which you’ll use as a sweet brooch or keychain!

Use it on stunning days, well being for your efforts.

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