Cloudy Rainbow Bookmark Making

Hello !

We’ve Got prepared a colourful bookends for you.

we wish you to knit this gorgeous bookmark with excitement.

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


Etrophil Bambino Lux Cotton hand knitting threads;
White (70019) colour thread
Yellow (70219) colour thread
Orange (70220) color thread
Red (70326) colour thread
Lilac (70612) colour thread
Blue (70524) color thread
Gentle Inexperienced (70413) color thread2.5 mm crochet


< h3> Cloud

Let’s knit with a white thread.

1) Let’s put 6 pins into the magic ring.

2 ) Let’s double sink into each and every socket.

3) Let’s double sink into a socket and single sink into a socket.

4) Let’s make 6 handrails within the subsequent slot, leaving 1 space and cling on to the common needle on the bottom. Let’s depart a space and make 6 double handrails to the other slot. Let’s dangle directly to the slot on the bottom. Let’s get small leaves on this method.


Let’s weave with yellow, orange, red, lilac, blue and light green colored threads in every order through converting colours.

1) Let’s pull 48 chains and pin each slot from the back. Let’s pull 1 chain and make a needle in turns.

Let’s sew the rainbow under the cloud.

Our cloudy rainbow bookmark is ready!


Well Being in your hands.

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