Collar Start Cotton Cardigan Making

Hi everybody!

Is Not it time to knit a groovy and stylish cardigan at the same time as the summer time is coming? Do you need to start out knitting this beautiful cardigan very quickly!


2 items of Snowball Cotton Mix Blue (2107S) color hand knitting thread6 mm skewers


1) We Commence with SIXTY SIX loops. < /

2) We knit 3 rows of rice.

3) FIVE loops of rice for front, 7 loops are flat, 1 loop is We knit 1 loop immediately, 1 loop loop.

4) We knit 10 loop straight, 1 loop loop, 1 loop straight, 1 loop loop for the sleeve.

5) We knit as 18 loops directly, 1 loop loop, 1 loop straight, 1 loop loop for the back.

6) Sleeve knitting in the type of 10 loops flat, 1 loop loop, 1 loop flat, 1 loop loop.

7) We knit 7 loops flat, 5 loops for front.

8) On The return we knit FIVE loops of rice, we knit the others in reverse, and we knit the closing 5 loops of rice.

9) We continue the increments in the next rows. < /

10) We knit 26 rows in total.

11) 26. Subsequent, we separate the fingers by getting some other bottle from the extent of accelerating.

12) We Start to place the style from the front. within the first row of the type, we pull 1 thread, fill 1, pull 1 thread, knit 1 reverse, knit 1, knit 1 flat, knit 1 in opposite. We repeat it until the series is over.

THIRTEEN) We flip backwards and knit instantly on the return.

14) 2. in the row, we pull a rope from 3 loops once, we fill 1, we pull 1 rope. We knit 1 opposite, we take 2 loops in combination, we fill 1, we knit 1 reverse. on this method, we repeat till the collection is over.

15) We flip backwards and knit flat on go back.

collar-start -cotton-cardigan-making-1 collar-start-cotton-cardigan-making-1

16) We positioned frills on the tip.


1) We repeat alongside the row as 3 inverted, 1 dollar, 1 directly,

2) < / strong> within the turn, we knit the inverses and the directly traces in the return.

3) We repeat alongside the row in the type of 3 inverted, 1 greenback, 2 directly,

< strong> 4) At The turn, we knit the inverted inverted, instantly the flat.

FIVE) We repeat along the row, within the type of THREE inverted, 1 dollar, 3 straight,

6) We knit the inverted and the flat within the flip in go back.

7) We lower it .


1) We positioned the model for the arm in the same way.

< strong> 2) We knit until the paint we wish comes.

3) We knit a couple of rows of brass braids on the tip and finish it by means of chopping all loops.

Our cardigan in a position!

collar-start-cotton-card-build- collar-start-cotton-card-build

Excellent health!

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