Colorful Carrycot / Sleeping Bag Making

Wouldn’t you favor to place your small children in colorful, wholesome raise / dozing baggage that you knit your self?

Let’s start then!


Nako Denim rope;
THREE computers Grey color thread
1 desktops Yellow color thread
1 desktops Blue color ip5 mm knit3 mm crochet button Lining fabric

the best way to make

Sizes are suitable for 1 12 months.

1) We Begin our knitting from the top by means of throwing 100 loops to our bottle with our gray thread.

2) We knit 1 directly and 1 reverse rubber knit for five rows. .

3) Then we begin knitting by applying the mouse tooth style. We knit the mouse female knitting trend till it’s 120 cm. We knit 30 rows with gray string and 10 rows with yellow and blue string.

Mouse Tooth Knitting Trend:

This development may also be knitted with any choice of loops. it is vital to note that the pattern is put on the again.

1st position: We knit all of the loops flat. (front side)

second position: We knit all of the loops upside down. (back facet)

third position: We knit all the loops flat. (front face)

4th row: 1 loop is inverted, 1 loop is not in the needle but directly from the center of the lower row, 1 loop is inverted, 1 loop is from the middle of the lower row, no longer in the spit. we knit from the middle of the loop within the bottom row, no longer straight, 1 loop inverted, 1 loop within the spit, immediately … to the top of the row. (back side)

After this step, it’s repeated ranging from the first row.

FOUR) 7 cm by way of 1 cm after knitting A HUNDRED AND TWENTY cm mouse teeth knitting development We knit 1 inverted rubber and end our knitting.

5) We cross the whole circumference with 1 row of double handrails with yellow rope to stop the edges of our braid from curling. We go as rows of needles with the other two colours of yarn we use.

6) By Means Of isolating 33 cm of our braid from the interior floor as the top part and folding the remaining section to two. we position our buttons. We resolve the site and pull the chain for the buttonhole consistent with the buttons.

the total duration of the knit will probably be 128 cm and the width will be 52 cm.

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