Colorful Knitted Phone Holder Making

Hi There !

I Can inform you learn how to make the phone holder type, which is very helpful and practical.

you can have this beautiful model through combining the colours you’re keen on.

Let’s get started now!


La Mia Silky hand knitting threads;
Cream (L002) colour thread
Fuchsia (L017) color thread
Blue (L022 ) colour thread
Sax Blue (L020) colour thread2.5 mm crochet


Let’s weave at regular durations via converting colour.

1) Let’s pull 18 chains and make 15 handrails.

2) Let’s make 3 handrails to the ultimate chain. Let’s make 14 again and knit the ground by means of making 3 handrails to the ultimate loop once more.

3) Let’s make a handrail by wrapping 20 rows. Then we can continue one-sided.

4) So As to plug the charging adapter into the socket, let’s knit 10 handrails, 10 chains, 10 handrails and go away them unilaterally.

5) Let’s whole the next row with 10 handrails the place we pull the chain.

Our phone holder is ready!

you’ll be able to enhance it another way.


Simple to somebody who has learned came!

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