Colorful Knitting Cushion Models and Making

Spring showed his face!

we are starting to get ready our homes first after which ourselves for spring, right?

We came to you with an overly colorful, very easy spring knitting development!

you’ll simply make those knitting cushions so we can make flora to your house from the residual threads on your house.


L. A. Mia Lux Mercerized Cotton Hand Knitting Thread; > 2 Black (1) color threadLa Mia Mercerized Cotton Hand Knitting;
2 Mustard Yellow (181) color thread
2 Orange (194) color thread
2 Gentle Green ( 137) colour thread
2 Dark Crimson (35) colour thread
2 Gentle Pink (4) color thread
2 Dark Cream (174) color ip4 mm ONE HUNDRED cm line bottle


Rectangular Cushion


Black and white threads are knitted together.

1) 44 The stitch is began.

2) 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for 56 rows.

Green colour is modified.

3) Opposite knitting is knitted for 7 rows.

Pink color is became on.

4) 3 rows of knitting, 4 directly knit is knitted.

Cream color is began at the rope.

5) Directly knit is knitted along 4 rows.

Green colored rope .

6) Opposite knitting alongside 1 row, knitting a flat knitting along 2 rows.

Orange colour rope is changed.

7) Opposite knitting is knitted for 10 rows.

Green colour is turned on.

8) Straight knitting along THREE rows .

Yellow color thread is made.

9) Knit is knitted for 6 rows.

Black and white color threads are knitted via mixing. .

10) After knitting a flat knit for 13 rows, all loops are reduce.


Black and white threads are knit in combination and knit in combination. .

1) 44 stitches are started.

2) 106 s Knit a flat knit alongside the ra.

3) All loops are lower and completed, sewn to the front.

in the event you desire, you can adorn with tassels.




Sq. Cushion


Black and white threads are knitted in combination and knitted in combination.

1) SIXTY SIX loops begin.

2) Plain weave is knitted for 14 rows.

Yellow colour is woven.

3) 4 braids are knitted along.

Green yarn is knitted.

4) Knit is knitted for 3 rows.

Crimson yarn is embroidered.

5) THREE rows of simple weave are knitted.

Mild crimson color is changed.

6) FIVE rows of reverse Rgü, 5 rows of undeniable weave and FIVE rows of opposite weave are knitted.

Red color is knitted.

7) THREE rows of flat weave are knitted.

8) Knit with 2 loops of red thread, THREE loops of green thread with 2 strands of simple weave.

9) 3 The knitting is knitted with 2 rows of sunshine purple colored yarn and 2 knits with green yarn and a pair of rows of simple knitting. knit a simple weave along the rows.

11) Immediately knit through FOUR rows with 3 loops of yellow thread, with 3 loops of red yarn.

12) Knit with THREE loops of red yarn and three loops of green yarn for FOUR rows of undeniable weave.

Cream color rope is changed.

13) Instantly knit along FOUR rows, harosa knit alongside 2 rows.

Green colour is modified.

14) 2 rows Woven knit knit.

Crimson colour rope

15) Knit a knit for 2 rows.

Green colour rope.

16)  Knit a knit for two rows.

Knit the red colour.

17) Knit a knit for 2 rows.

Green thread is made.

18) Knit is knitted for FOUR rows.

Cream color is woven.

 19) Knit a simple weave alongside FOUR rows.

White color is knitted.

20) Knit a directly weave alongside 4 rows.


Green knitting with a thread.

1) SIXTY SIX loops get started.

2) Flat knit is knitted alongside 84 rows.

3) All loops are minimize, sewn to the front.

in the event you want, you’ll enhance with tassels.



Colorfully your throw pillows are able! Now you and your own home are in a position for spring!


organ-colour-dirt -yapimi-3

Health for your hand!


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