Colorful Patterned Sofa Shawl Making

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Now We Have introduced you a colourful sofa wrap, blanket development in order to warm your cold wintry weather evenings.


Loren Herbal Cotton hand knitting threads3 mm crochet


The Desired colours are knitted together. at the end of every row, a distinct color thread is made.

1. 12 frequent needles are made into the magic ring.

2. Every 2 double handrails are made into the needle incessantly. One chain is pulled while 2 handrails are made and every other needle is passed.

3. 3 double handrails are made in every chain hollow space. By pulling 1 chain, THREE handrails are made to the opposite house again. . For the fishbone type, 3 handrails and a couple of chains are drawn and 3 handrails are made in the comparable place. within the interim, 3 handrails are made 2 occasions, fish bones are made to the 3rd and corners are created.

5. 3 handrails in each and every cage and square motifs are bought via making fish bones within the corners.

colored-motif-seat-raft-construction-1 colored-patterned-seat-raft-making-1

8 × 9, a complete of NINETY NINE motifs are blended to make the seat wrap, and 3 handrails and fish bones are made around 15 rows which are the similar because the motif and completed.

you’ll be able to make extra motifs and combine for the blanket.

WhatsApp-Image-2019-11-13-at-10.08.46-3. colored-patterned-seat-raft-making-2

And Coloured seat wrap is set!

colored-motif-seat-raft-making colorful-patterned-seat-raft-making

Well Being in your hand!

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