Colorful Rectangular Shawl Making

Shall We input the spring with a colourful shawl pattern?

Shine within the spring with this scarf which incorporates full spring colours!

you’ll have so much of fun whilst knitting this scarf made with 4 other knitting styles!

Let’s get started now!


2 items of Snowball Jersey Marbling (H1401) colour hand knitting thread5 mm ONE HUNDRED cm trimmed skewers


Blue the colour starts with the rope. Knit until the blue color of 2 threads is finished.

1) Start with EIGHTY loops.

2) The flat aspect of the scarf a primary sew is lower, one stitch is larger at the finish of the row. it’s knitted with haros along strains. For the lozenge pattern knitting style, 9 loops are knit flat, 1 loop is minimize by tilting to the proper, 1 hole is larger, 1 loop is knit flat, 1 loop is tilted to the left, NINE loops are knit flat and this process keeps throughout the row.

After this series, for the continuation of diamond trend, perforated increments are made as proven in the image.

Diamond trend is made till 2 blue coloured threads run out.



After blue, continue with yellow thread.

Flat knitting with 3 rows of holes is knitted. For perforated flat knitting, 1 row is knit flat, 10 loops are knit flat within the 2nd row, 1 loop is minimize right away, then 1 loop is higher with holes, once more 10 loops are knit flat. This process keeps inside the queue. in the 3rd row, undeniable weave is knitted.

this situation is finished until the yellow thread ends.

After the yellow color, continue with the brown thread. Again, the brown threads in 2 balls are knitted till they’re completed.

5) Five rows of plain weave are knitted. in the 6th row, popcorn is made. For popcorn, 12 loops are knit flat, five extra loops are taken out of the 13th loop, and this 5 loops are knit five rows immediately, then five are reduce immediately. 12 loops are knit flat once more. Popcorn is made once more. This process maintains throughout the queue. After making 10 rows of flat knitting, poncorn is made in the eleventh row, 10 rows of flat knitting are knitted once more.

this situation is completed until the brown thread is don

After brown thread, it is endured with cream colored thread.

in the eleventh row, flat knitting with holes is made. One hole increment is made with 10 stitches apart, and then one sew is cut. This procedure is finished until the cream-coloured thread ends.

After the cream-coloured thread ends, the white colour is modified to the rope. Again, 2 balls of white colour are knitted till they run out.

7) Brass weave development is made. the primary row is knitted 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit. In the second and next rows, the inverts are knitted flat and the apartments are inverted.

this case is finished till the white thread ends.


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Should You desire, you can embellish with tassels.

Well Being on your hand!

easy methods to Knit Tassel?


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