Colorful Wool Cardigan Making

Prepare for spring with colorful knits!

Knit a colorful cardigan with simply simple knitting without chopping!

Let’s get started presently!


Kartopu Tempo hand knitting yarn;
THREE items of yellow (K1321) color thread
1 piece of Blue (K435) colour thread
1 piece of Cream (K025) color thread
1 piece Black (K940) colour ip10 mm spit10 mm crochet needle



Knitted with yellow colour thread.

1) Beginning with 60 loops.

2) 60 loops are knit for 20 rows in plain weave.

3) 21. 15 loops in the row are knitted flat and again. 15 loops are knitted in a flat knit for 15 rows. First initial is completed. 30 stitches are knit instantly for 15 rows and the again is done.

5) In Spite Of Everything, the remaining 15 stitches are knit flat for 15 rows and the opposite front is completed.

The frame is done by stitching with a yellow thread from the shoulders.


One arm is knitted with Blue colour thread and the other arm is roofed with Cream colour thread.

1) 20 loops begin.

2) Knit a flat knit for 40 rows, then all loops are lower and completed.

long area is sewn with its personal colour.

Then the black colour is sewn to the arm blanks just like the image.


Black colour is knitted with string.

1) Your cardigan 1 needle is knitted on each loop for 3 rows throughout it. 3 frequent needles are made on the related loop at the corners.


​​Good well being for your hand!

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