Colorful Wool TV Blanket Making

Wintry Weather means spending time with our family members under the blanket!

So Much of all at the TV!

These Days we brought you a colourful, heat blanket knitting development!

Let’s get started!


6 Snowball Matryoshka hand knitting threads3.5 mm crochet


The blanket measures 120X150 cm.

Twine is knitted the use of a double layer.

1) A HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE chains are drawn.

2) Starting From the third chain, 1 double railing is made to every chain. a complete of 172 double handrails are made. (120 cm)

3) A HUNDRED AND TEN double rows are made on every loop for ONE HUNDRED TEN rows and the blanket is finished. (150 cm)

4) After All, part ornament is made everywhere the blanket. One widespread needle is made in the first house, then the next house is passed and 6 double handrails are made into this space and stuck via making one widespread needle within the next space. the encircling of the blanket is knitted in this approach.

hiya use ..

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