Colorful Zigzag Baby Blanket Making

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Are you ready to knit a colorful and really easy baby blanket?

Whether on your child or a nook of your own home…

This colorful blanket could be very it will swimsuit!

Let’s start!


Colourful Utopia Classic hand knitting threads3.5 mm crochet

methods to make

you wish to have the colours in step with your baby’s gender you’ll be able to combine it.

1. We draw 187 chains. starting from the 3rd chain, we weave 1 triple handrail into EIGHT chains and go away 1 chain slot empty, we make 8 handrails again, we sink again into the last chain we sunk (i.e. we make 2 handrails within the 8th handrail slot), we make 8 handrails again, bypassing the 1 chain slot and doing the similar operation We entire the order via continuing.

colorful-zigzag-baby-blanket-making-1 colorful-zigzag-child-blanket -yapimi-1

2. IN THE 2d row, we make 2 handrails to the first loop and increase them. Then, we complete the 8 handrails, as within the first row, while doing the 8th handrail, we bounce to the opposite handrail and shoot the 2. on this manner, we knit in EIGHT handrails by expanding and reducing. We pay attention to the puts of build up and reduce overlap.

THREE. We carry movement to the fashion by making holes in the 3rd row among the handrails. For this, within the places where we make EIGHT handrails, we make 1 handrail and 1 z, pull figs, skip 1 sew from the ground and make 1 handrail next.

colorful-zigzag-baby-blanket-making-2 colorful-zigzag-child-blanket-building-2

We proceed the blanket by means of knitting 4 rows with every colour. My choice was to make use of 18 color units, a large blanket shaped and that i discovered it convenient to make an animal determine on the edge. you’ll be able to embellish as you would like.

colorful-zigzag-baby-blanket-made-3 colorful-zigzag-baby -blanket-made-3

Well Being on your hand!

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