Combed Cotton Mat Making

You’ll Be Able To check out speedy and straightforward knitting models with combed rope and decorate your own home with knitting.

Whether Or Not you’re operating in color or in a single colour, this knitting mat style will upload a modern setting in your home!


4-FIVE items of Spaghetti Yarn Combed ip8 or 9 mm crochet


1) We make 12 double handrails inside the magic ring.

We at all times end the rows with a loop shift and always visit the highest row with 3 chains. These 3 chains are considered our first handrail.

2) We make 2 double handrails to each loop. We get a complete of 24 handrails.

3) We make 1 double handrail to the first loop, we pull 1 chain, we make 1 double handrail to the following loop after skipping, we draw 1 chain to the end of the row. we continue till. we have a total of 24 perforated handrails.

4) We make 1 double handrail to every loop and every cavity. We get a complete of 48 handrails.

5) We make 2 single, 1 double double handrails in sequential order. We get a complete of 60 handrails.

6) We make 1 double handrail to the primary loop, we pull 2 ​​chains, we jump 1 loop from the bottom, we make 1 double handrail to the next, we pull 2 ​​chains. , we skip 1 loop from the bottom ..

We pull the pinnacle of the crochet hook once and pull it out thrice without pulling a sequence. We make 5 triple handrails in the 3rd hole, whilst the last handrail is finished, we skip 2 loops with out pulling the chain and sink into the 3rd hole. We repeat those tactics until the tip of the queue.

10) We pull EIGHT chains from the center of the brink trim (from the third rail) to the middle of the other (3rd rail). We repeat this procedure within the whole row.

11) We complete the row by means of making EIGHT double handrails to the chain areas in the decrease row.

12) 9 unmarried, 1 double binary respectively to the stitches We whole the collection through making a handrail. (in case you have a thick thread, you’ll be able to make a single handrail to all of them.)

13) We make 1 handrail to the primary loop, pull 2 ​​chains, bounce 1 loop and sink subsequent.

(in case you have a thick thread, you’ll make THREE handrails in all areas.)

15) We entire the whole sequence by making 10 single and 1 double double handrails to the stitches.

if your thread is thick and If it bends an excessive amount of, you’ll also make 1 handrail for a few rows of all loops.

16) Then THIRTEEN-14. We repeat the steps.

17) We end with facet trim as within the ultimate 9th row. on this means, you are going to get 1 mop of 1 meter diameter with a medium thickness rope. if you want to make your mat bigger, you can repeat the process from the tenth place.

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