Combed Cotton Pen Holder

Hello !!

We Could make a pencil / basket that kids will love?

This recipe could be very rapid and simple, so sweet!

Come on Let’s get started presently!


1 Spaghetti Yarn Powder Red (1) colour combed cotton hand knitting yarnLoren Natural Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Black (R004) colour yarn
1 piece White (R001) color ipA small quantity of red color ip2.5 mm crochet 9 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

X: Needle (we can make the spike model, we will make the needles by way of pressing the center of the ground needle (v shape) rather than the highest of the loop)

V: Increment

Hdc: Unmarried handrails

Hdcv: Single handrails increase (making 2 single handrails into 1 loop)

Zn: Chain

Cc: Stitch shift


Sew shift on the end of all rows happen under ak.

1. 5x in Sh

2. (v) * 5 = 10x

3. (v) * 10 = 20x

4. 20x

5. We pull your again and opposite our knitting and continue to the top of the row through sliding the loop on the back of the spikes we made within the previous row.

6. We turn our knitting again, the proper aspect is in entrance of us again. We whole the order as 20x in general with 1x for every loop. we frequently knit as a spike type by sinking into the center of the needles.

7-8. 20x

12. We do 7 stitches We proceed by pulling 5zn from the second chain, v, 2hdc, x by means of looping the loop on the next spike. We do FIVE more looping, pull 5zn and v, 2hdc, and loop the loop till the top of the x row.

We lower the rope and tie the ears as within the photo.


We knit 2 items of white thread.

1. we begin by means of pulling 9zn.

2. 2hn, 1hdcv, We end with 5hdc, 1hdcv, 3hdc, 6hdc sew wrapping in the same position.

We knit 2 pieces with black thread.

1. 10hdc in loop, loop We finish with the scroll.

We sew the piece we knit with black colour at the white piece.

We sew the eyes to the pencil holder at the stage of the ears.

combed -ipten-rabbit-pencil-making-width

Health to your hand!

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